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Ajab Shahar is a ‘wondrous city’ of poems, songs and conversations around Kabir and other Bhakti, Sufi and Baul poets from the Indian sub-continent, weaving together voices from Pakistan in the west to Bengal in the east. The core offerings of the site are direct field recordings of songs and conversations from the living oral traditions of rural India.

Over the last 12 years the Kabir Project has inquired into mystic poetry through a series of documentary films, music CDs-books, festivals and events. We are now ready to share roughly 100 curated and edited video hours for free browsing, consisting of 450 songs, 250 couplets, 200 reflections, 30 photo essays, stories and artworks in a fully bi-lingual site (Hindi-English), which would grow through our future work and browser contributions. 

We hope Ajab Shahar will set a new standard for the design of digital archives, creating an online database that treads the delicate line between lyricism and searchability, lightness of touch and heaviness of content. In many ways, it may break fresh ground in being an ‘archive’ that functions also as a ‘living platform’ to share intangible culture, which is of today, yet creatively engages with its past.

The Kabir Project is looking for an experienced web-coding firm to develop a site dedicated to mystic poetry and music, called Ajab Shahar. The Kabir Project team is housed at the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore. www.kabirproject.org, contact thekabirproject@gmail.com